Literary Analysis/ Terms/ Fig. Lang.

Authonomy has 70 free ebooks under a search for Young Adult.  All are available for free reading online without registration.

Bibliomania has thousands of e-books, poems, articles, short stories and plays all of which are absolutely free. You can read the world's greatest fiction by authors such as Dickens and Joyce, Sherlock Holmes mysteries, all Shakespeare's plays, or just dip into some short stories by writers such as Mark Twain, Anton Chekov and Edgar Allan Poe.

Bibliotastic offers 11 free novels in their Teen & Youg Adult Category.  These are contemporary works by authors who are generally unpublished and are unique to this site.

BOOKRIX  Find thousands of books to read online and download free eBooks.

Booksie has over 13,000 works in its young adult category.  These range from short stories to novels and are unique works of unpublished authors.  All are available for free reading online or free download in PDF (press "Generate eBook" button).

Classicly has almost 1800 free novels in its Young Adults collection.  These are available for free download in PDF or Kindle (AZW).

ClovisNews offers about 100 free classic novels for free reading online (the download links all appear to be dead). 

Cory Doctorow  offers his novel, Little Brother, for free download in a wide variety of formats.

DigitalBookIndex offers over 500 free classic novels in its various Juvenile & Young Adult Fiction categories.  Main link is to the general category.  They also have  Boys and Girls categories as well as Mystery, Science Fictionand Non-fiction (Teens) that offer differing works. 

DigiLibraries has over 2,000 free ebooks in their juvenile fiction category as well as over 200 works in theirJuvenile non-Fiction category and 27 free ebooks in their Juvenile Horror & Ghost Stories category.  Most are available for free reading online as well as free download in PDF, MOBI and EPUB.

eBooksFree has 2 free unique novels in its Teen & Young Adult category available for free download in PDF.  (The books listed below under Sponsored are all links to pay sites)

FeedBooks has around 200 free novels in its Original Books Juvenile & Young Adult genre as well as over 100 free novels in their Public domain (classic) Juvenile & Young Adult section.

FreeOnlineNovels has around 200 free novels in its Young Adult category.  These appear to be original books from unpublished authors.  All are available for free reading online and some for free download in PDF.

Free Young Adult E- Books- This list is for e-books junior high and high school students might like or might need to read for class. Only those books which can be downloaded for free through should be added here

GoodReads has a listing of 95 free young adult ebooks. All are available for download at their site.

MagicKeys has 7 free books for young adults.  All are available for free reading online without registration.

ManyBooks (Young Readers)  2443 free classic books available for online viewing or download in an extremely large variety of formats.

Page By Page Books-  Here are all the books we have available, arranged by title. All these classic books you can read now in our e-Library! Catch up on your reading list, expand your horizons, or just spend a relaxing evening by yourself. You can also view all the authors we have books by, or see this list arranged by author.

PublicBookShelf has 5 free novels for Teens for free reading online.  2 are classics and 3 are newer and unique works.

Read Book Online- This site contains about six thousand ebooks from hundreds of authors. The collection of these publications are in the following categories: fictions/novels, short stories, poems, essays, plays, nonfictions. Many of these books are classic works of American Literature, English Literature, and Irish Literature from well-known authors such as William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Robert Frost, Edgar Allan Poe, Alexander Pope, Arthur Conan Doyle,Jane Austen... and more authors' works will be added to the online collection. has 6 classic novels for teens available for free reading online or free download in PDF.

LearnOutLoud-audio books

TumbleBookCloud-scroll to tumblebookcloud -books for middle school

Tumble Books- books for elementary and middle school

Kenn Nesbitt's Poetry for Kids-where you will find lots of funny poems and poetry books for children,  classic children's poetry, games, contests,poetry lessons and activities, and journals, plus a rhyming dictionary, funny poetry podcast, videos,school visit information and lots more.

Poetry Lover's Page-featuring British/American and Russian Poets

Types of Poetry-  All of the different types of poetry and literary terms can be found on this site together with many examples of the different styles and kinds of poetry

Study Guides and Literature Essays by ClassicNotes- Study guides are offered for free by GradeSaver on novels, plays, poems and films ranging from Animal Farm to Yonnondio: From the Thirties. Each study guide includes essays, an in-depth chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quiz.

Simile quiz

The Onomatopoeia Hangman Game-The rules of the game are simple: just click/select the right letters to make the onomatopoeic word before your man's time is up. We hope you enjoy playing the online games as much as we do.

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